Our reintegration programs provide pre-release supports and services to incarcerated individuals as they prepare for their transition to the community. Our reintegration workers assist with pre-release planning and support individuals to identify and connect with services that meet their individual needs and goals. JHS staff also provide information on the rights and responsibilities of incarcerated persons, assist with establishing community supports, and work to reduce the number of barriers faced by individuals before their release.

Reintegration Worker (CSC) 

Our federal Reintegration Worker program provides support to federally incarcerated individuals who are nearing their transitioning to the community. Working in collaboration with CSC staff, the Reintegration Worker assists with pre-release planning, develops working relationships with a wider audience, and enhances our ability to provide wraparound services that promote safety and success for individuals and the community. The Reintegration Worker strives to bridge the gap that exists between clients’ needs and being able to access services before release to meet those needs. 

Community Reintegration Worker (North Fraser Pretrial Centre) 

Our Community Reintegration Worker at North Fraser Pretrial Centre (NFPC) provides assistance with release planning, and information about community resources within the Lower Mainland. The Reintegration Worker focuses primarily on one-to-one support services and provides information on housing, income assistance, applying for identification, taxes, recovery houses, treatment programs, employment and education opportunities. Individuals can access the Reintegration Worker or get more information about the program by filling out a special request form and submitting it to their Living Unit Officer at NFPC. Once the request is submitted, our Reintegration Worker will meet with the individual on unit, and discuss needs and help create a plan for release.

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The goals of our Reintegration Programs are to:
  • Assist individuals transitioning from correctional settings to the community in creating person-centered release plans which identifies goals for successful reintegration
  • Provide release planning and community reintegration services to assist individuals in identifying community and support services such as treatment programs, housing, and additional support for community release
  • Provide vital links and referrals to resources which will continue to assist individuals build life skills and problem-solving skills in their community
Admission criteria:
  • Individuals incarcerated at federal or provincial correctional facilities, who need support in planning for release into the community

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