In partnership with Correctional Health Services and their Community Transition Teams (CTT), the Peer Mentor program supports people with opioid use disorders as they transition from the correctional center setting into the community. The CTTs play a significant role in connecting people to the community-based supports that contribute to rehabilitation and successful recovery. Through positive role modelling and a shared understanding of lived experience, Peer Mentors help instill a greater sense of hope and connection for individuals in recovery. Our Peer Mentors work closely with people following their release from correctional centres, and support mentees in navigating the substance use and health system, identifying personal goals and community resources, including accompanying them to appointments. 

Our Peer Mentors currently support people transitioning from Surrey Pretrial Services Centre and North Fraser Pretrial.

The goals of our Peer Mentors are to:
  • Utilize the knowledge and experience of Peer Support workers who have been in prison and/or experienced/overcome substance misuse, and who have successfully integrated back into the community
  • Work with the Community Transition Team to support individuals with opioid use disorders as they transition from provincial correctional centres to the community
  • Provide support and mentorship to people on opioid replacement therapies in the community
Admission criteria:
  • Referrals to the Peer Mentorship come through the Provincial Health Authority's Provincial Correctional Health Services branch

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