Reaching Home aims to prevent and reduce chronic and episodic homelessness among individuals facing multiple barriers, such as those with mental health challenges, criminal justice experience, or problematic substance use by connecting them to safe and stable housing, as well as wraparound supports. Our Reaching Home team provides intensive case management to address the complex needs of the people they support, and works to connect individuals to community resources that will enable them to maintain long-term housing and end the cycle of homelessness. The program team works collaboratively with our Community Service Office to ensure that requests received from clients are addressed and responded to in a timely matter.

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The goals of our Reaching Home are to:
  • Reduce homelessness by addressing the barriers that people encounter to help enhance their overall independence and quality of life
  • Increase knowledge of, and access to, housing, resources, and appropriate wraparound supports that will assist in providing stability in people's lives
  • Continue to expand partnerships with housing providers and identify more affordable housing placements for people facing barriers to housing in our communities
Admission criteria:
  • Have a history of being chronically or episodically homeless
  • Require assistance in locating and maintaining safe and affordable housing
  • Experience complex barriers to housing, including involvement or at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system
  • Additional admission requirements may apply

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