We organize bi-annual Community Resource Expos at nine Pacific region correctional facilities, which are funded by Correctional Services of Canada. The Expos connect incarcerated men and women with service providers in the community that provide support to individuals upon release. Service providers that attend the Expos include representatives of community support organizations and other agencies, such as Community-Based Residential Facilities, recovery services, and treatment centres. The Expos enable incarcerated individuals to learn of programs available and establish working relationships with community agencies that can assist them in their preparation for release and community reintegration.

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The goals of our Community Resource Expos are to:
  • Connect incarcerated men and women with service providers in the community that can provide them with support upon their release
  • Provide an opportunity for community support agencies to establish relationships with people prior to their release
  • Enhance the ability of incarcerated individuals to contribute to their own release planning through the establishment of connections to supportive community resources
Admission criteria:
  • Be incarcerated at one of the nine Pacific region federal correctional facilities
  • Reside in an open custody or protective custody unit
  • Use the sign-up sheet to state their interest in participating in the program

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