Our Community Housing programs seek to promote and fulfill an individual’s right to safe and affordable housing by connecting people experiencing homelessness or precarious housing to appropriate community resources that will enable them to secure and maintain long-term housing and end the cycle of homelessness. We strive to achieve this goal by engaging with community organizations and service providers to locate and secure access to housing that meets their self-determined needs. 

Homelessness Prevention Program

Our Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) aims to connect individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with safe, affordable housing. Our HPP outreach team works with individuals to assess their needs, assist with personal goals, and connect with stable accommodation and appropriate services. HPP provides individuals with tenancy support and skills training, follow up and ongoing support to tenants, and works to build and maintain relationships with landlords providing housing, and provides education and resources to landlords to support and maintain residencies, as appropriate. HPP Rental Supplements, available for eligible individuals, assist with securing and maintaining housing in the community.

Reaching Home

Reaching Home prevents and reduces chronic and episodic homelessness among individuals facing multiple barriers such as criminal justice experience, mental health challenges, or problematic substance use by connecting them to safe and stable housing along with wraparound supports. Our Reaching Home team provides intensive case management to address the complex needs of the people they support and works to connect individuals to community resources that will enable them to maintain long-term housing and end the cycle of homelessness. While working with individuals to connect them to appropriate housing opportunities, our Reaching Home team also provides support in areas that contribute to housing security including: support with obtaining identification, education, employment, community programming, assistance addressing substance misuse issues, mental health services, legal issues, and general support. The program team works collaboratively with our Community Service Office to ensure that requests are addressed and responded to in a timely matter.

Bridge to Housing

The Bridge to Housing Program (BTH) aims to reduce and prevent homelessness in the Metro Vancouver area. The program provides a wraparound approach by supporting individuals being released from federal institutions on their sentence expiry by locating potential safe, permanent housing opportunities and maintaining this housing to promote long term stability in the community by making connections to various community resources that meet identified individual needs.


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The goals of our Community Housing Programs are to:
  • Reduce homelessness by addressing the barriers that people encounter to help enhance their overall independence and quality of life
  • To increase knowledge of, and access to, housing, resources, and appropriate wraparound supports that will assist in providing stability in people's lives
  • Continue to expand partnerships with housing providers and identify more affordable housing placements for people facing barriers to housing in our communities
Admission criteria:
  • Have a history of homelessness, or poverty affecting the ability to find and secure housing
  • Require assistance in locating and maintaining safe and affordable housing
  • Experience complex barriers to housing, such as involvement or risk of involvement in the criminal justice system, physical or developmental disabilities, or mental illness
  • Other admission criteria specific to the program funding

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