Community Case Management Services (CCMS) is a risk-based community release program which provides community case management for individuals awaiting deportation by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) under the Immigration Refugee Act. In partnership with CBSA and JHS Canada, CCMS is an alternative to detention option which provides individuals referred by CBSA support in the community through ongoing case management and service delivery. If, subsequent to a risk assessment, a CBSA officer or the Immigration Review Board determines that an individual’s risk can be managed in community, they may be released from detention, provided that the individual is enrolled into and supported by a CCMS program. CCMS outreach staff build rapport and provide community support to ensure that various community needs are met, including mental health, addictions, housing, and other essential community services.

Incorporated within CCMS is our CCMS Transitional Housing program, Kensington House, which serves as an intermediary step between emergency housing services and long-term permanent housing for individuals enrolled in the CCMS program. The supportive home can accommodate up to 6 occupants and is within walking distance to other JHS program sites, adding additional layers of support to residents.

The goals of our Community Case Management Services (CCMS) are to:
  • Contribute to public safety by offering services that encourage individuals to be contributing citizens within their communities
  • Provide an alternative to detention for individuals referred by CBSA
  • Improve health and promote wellness through communication, education, identification of service resources, and facilitation of service
Admission criteria:
  • CBSA implemented the national CCMS program to provide eligible CBSA individuals the ability to access services that will mitigate the risks that have led, or could lead, to a detention decision. As per Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, a CBSA office is required to consider Alternatives to Detention when making a detention decision.
  • The decision to release someone into the CCMS programming remains the sole authority of the CBSA and/or the Immigration Review Board.

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