We provide support and advocacy to people involved in or impacted by the criminal justice system to enhance community inclusion, advance public safety, and prevent crime.

Our Justice Services

Pre-Release Supports

Through a range of pre-release services, we assist individuals as they plan and prepare for their reintegration, inform them of their rights and the resources available to them in the community, and seek to reduce experiences of isolation or community disconnect. We aim to bridge the gaps experienced by incarcerated individuals and connect them to the resources, information, and positive community connections that they need to achieve their goals and needs upon release.

Community-Based Residential Facilities

Our Community-Based Residential Facilities (CRFs) provide a safe, structured, and supportive housing environment with added supports for people on conditional release from federal and provincial institutions. Operating under contract with the Correctional Services of Canada, our CRFs assist residents to access the services, resources, and pro-social supports needed for them to successfully reintegrate into the community. Residents of our facilities are supervised by Community Parole Officers, and our facilities have awake staff on site 24 hours a day to provide structure, monitoring, and support. 

Community Reintegration

Our community reintegration services assist individuals returning to the community upon being released from a correctional facility or forensic hospital. Working in collaboration with institution staff and other service providers, we provide the resources, tools and supports necessary for people to succeed in the community. This may include support with housing, employment, mental health and addiction, life-skills, and social inclusion.

Alternative Justice Interventions

Our alternative justice intervention programming provides an alternative to detention for individuals referred by CBSA awaiting deportation under the Immigration Refugee Act. We provide assistance with community supports to ensure that various community and personal needs are met, including those related to mental health, addiction, housing, and community supports.

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