Our Community Living services support adults under the care of Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) to build connections to their community and achieve greater independence.

For more details about CLBC, or to assess if you or somebody you care for is eligible for CLBC supports, please refer to their website.

Our Community Living Services

Outreach & Community Inclusion

Our outreach services assist eligible individuals to identify, work towards, and achieve their self-determined needs and goals. We offer connections and supports in accessing services or activities in the community, and assist in the areas, in addition to supporting them in developing life-skills so that they can achieve greater independence and actively engage in their community.


Our Community Living residential services include a variety of supported living, shared living and staffed residential programs. Individuals may live independently in the community with support throughout the week, in a shared living environment, or in a home with others that includes support throughout the day and night. Residents are supported with their personal goals and needs, and with skill-building to promote inclusion and independence.

Home Share

Our Home Share program is a flexible residential option where an adult eligible for CLBC services shares a home with someone contracted to provide them with ongoing support. This may look different for each individual, based on their own preferences, goals, and needs. Sometimes shared living can be with one person, other times an individual may live with a couple or family.

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