Lived Experience – Connections & Mental Health

Focused on the theme “Lived Experience – Connections and Gaps”, our February Leadership Gathering panel discussion features people with firsthand experience seeking support and experiencing the gaps and inconsistencies of the “service ecosystem” for people with complex needs. Panelists also have expertise as peer mentors and direct service providers, working to support others navigate these systems.
"Leadership Gathering"

Our February Leadership Gathering featured a panel discussion focused on the lived experience of people who generously shared their own perspective on seeking support and experiencing the gaps and inconsistencies of the “service ecosystem” for high-need populations. Panelists also share their expertise supporting others to navigate these systems as Peer Mentors and direct service providers.

Consistent with the goal of placing place people rather than mandates or organizations at the centre of the dialogue, this session is peer-facilitated and focused principally on the experiences of the speakers.

A key theme that came out of this discussion was that service delivery is more likely to be effective when the whole system of service provision recognizes that trauma, stigma, disconnection from culture, and social isolation are near-universal experiences of service users with complex needs.

To access the session summary, click on the link below.


Mo Korchinski (Facilitator)

Executive Director, Unlocking The Gates Services Society

Jason Flack

Peer Mentor, JHS Pacific

Jade Hoffman

Northern BC Peer Outreach, Unlocking The Gates Services Society

Charlene Burmeister

PWLLE Stakeholder Engagement Lead, BC Centre for Disease Control

Jim Mandelin

Training & Membership Coordinator, Homelessness Services Association of BC

Eric Schweig

High Risk Youth Outreach, Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society